We got everything that a fully decked-out tyre service might want to have! From tyre consumables, through tyre changers, wheel balancers and pneumatic accessories. We also have tools for car repair specialists. Get all the essential tools and equipment from our online shop.

Brand history

PHU Szczepan (the founder of REDATS brand) have been in business since 2006. Back in 2017, we decided to introduce a totally new brand that suits customers’ needs even better.

Entering REDATS onto the market, we looked to emphasize the importance of the red color to our brand. This vibrant hue has become a trademark for quality and hassle-free use for years. Changing the face of our brand, we wanted to emphasize it.


The REDATS product range includes essential items for any car repair and tyre service. From tyre bay consumables to machines. To explore our product range, simply hit the Products button in the upper part of the website.

Getting REDATS products you can rest assured they’re made according to the top standards - we employ strict quality control at every production step. Be it tyre valves or truck wheel balancers - top-notch quality is our motto.

Redats - offer
Redats - range


REDATS range includes tools and equipment for professional tradesmen and DIY lovers alike. We offer budget tools, as well as professional equipment for garages, like big truck tyre changers.

Our products have already been sold to 53 countries around the world!


Delivering the best solutions for tyre bays and car workshops. Supporting customers in their everyday progress. Broadening our experience to expand onto the market.

Helping customers everyday

We’re here to assist you tackle professional challenges. You can make your work easier, safer and more efficient with REDATS.

Spreading expertise

We’re looking to educate our customers in any way possible. Expertise is our main product.

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