We got everything that a fully decked-out tyre service might want to have! From tyre consumables, through tyre changers, wheel balancers and pneumatic accessories. We also have tools for car repair specialists. We support specialists using REDATS equipment with knowledge on how to run a car/tyre service. And our resellers can count on our expertise on online sales development, as well as marketing.


Why choose REDATS lifts? First of all, because these REDATS products are made of top quality materials. At our factories, we employ strict quality control at every step of the manufacturing process means perfect quality of the final product. You often ask us if the REDATS lifts are a good choice for you. REDATS lifts - who are they for? Our lifts can be used in tyre services, as well as car workshops. We offer two post lifts - automatic, semi-automatic, with upper/lower beam. as well as frames (floor costs less).


Be sure to browse our car and truck tyre changers. We got fully automatic and semi automatic models. What is the difference? The way you adjust the arm. In the semi automatic you have to do it manually In the fully automatic version, the arm swings to the back automatically. All you have to do is pressing the pedal. Are truck tyre changers worth it? We supply truck tyre changers ready for work with wheels weighing from 500 to 2000 kg. It's a perfect solution for truck, industrial and farm tyres. Make sure to browse them.


Are REDATS wheel balancers worth it? Well, we can understand why you're asking that. But we are certain our wheel balancing machines are a perfect choice for any tyre changing specialist. Tyre balance machines provide simple operation and reliability. All that makes REDATS balancers the perfect partner for any car/tyre service. No matter if you need a car or truck tyre changers. Also, we are proud of our vast model range. So, no matter if you are looking for budget balancers or high-end ones, check our offer.


Browse the range of REDATS Compressors and pneumatic tools. These pneumatic devices are an essential addition for any car and tyre service. The REDATS offer includes piston and screw compressors, air purifying units, pneumatic tools (impact wrenches, grindstones), tyre inflating devices and many more. We are sure these devices have perfect efficiency. Also, they are perfectly tight and they are made of top-quality materials. So you can build your pneumatic system from scratch - getting all the components from us!


Browse our range of workshop tools - these are the things that are essential at your tyre bay and garage. Here's just a few examples of our products - parts washers, workshop presses, oil drainers and other workshop essentials. Choosing REDATS you can rest assured they are of top quality. This means years-long reliability and trouble-free use no matter what the conditions are - which is quite important when you realize that they are going to work in difficult conditions (after all, a car service puts a lot of pressure on the tools).


Found nothing interesting in other categories? Looking for some other tools for your tyre service? Check the tyre service accessories from our catalogue. We offer a full range of tools and accessories you may find handy for your tyre bay. If you are interested in getting to know our offer, use the contact form and get in touch with us! Here's what we have hose pliers, spring compressors, orings, oil filter wrenches. The list is being updated all the time - with new products selected on the basis on our Clients' requests.

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