We got everything that a fully decked-out tyre service might want to have! From tyre consumables, through tyre changers, wheel balancers and pneumatic accessories. We also have tools for car repair specialists. Get all the essential tools and equipment from our online shop.

Tyre changers

REDATS supply a wide range of tyre changers for cars and trucks.

Explore our offer:

  • fully automatic tyre changers (car)
  • semi automatic tyre changers (car)
  • fully automatic tyre changers (truck)

What is the difference between the fully automatic and semi automatic?

There are different ways of adjusting the arm.
  • In the semi automatic you have to do it manually
  • In the fully automatic version, the arm swings to the back automatically. All you have to do is pressing the pedal.

Are truck tyre changers worth it?

We supply truck tyre changers ready for work with wheels weighing from 500 to 2000 kg. It's a perfect solution for truck, industrial and farm tyres.

Tyre changers

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