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Automatic two post lift 4T REDATS L-220 with reinforcing base

Automatic two post lift 4T REDATS L-220 with reinforcing base

 REDATS L-220R - the essential info
Recommend this lift to customers who look for:

  • a fully automatic lift - safety pawls get activated by push of a button
  • a lift able to raise passenger cars and light vans: 4 tons capacity!
  • a lift that fits wide cars: 2500 mm max. car width
  • a lift to be installed at 20 cm thick floor
  • a unit with power source: 400V
  • a lift with lifting range: 9-193 cm

Are REDATS two-post lifts durable and reliable?
Yes they are.

What does that mean for your customers?

  • 8 bends inside a column - even better resistance against bending forces - DURABILITY for years!
  • shoes - they provide trouble-free operation of the raising parts.

Durability is not only our mission statement. These are solutions that provide trouble-free operation of this lift. No working breaks. No problems. 

Will 20 cm thick floor suffice?
This unit comes with a special reinforcing frame. So it might be used on a 20 cm thick floor.  

Use - very easy  
Simply release the safety pawls. Use the handle to start raising/lowering the arms. 

Easy, isn’t it? Learning to use the lift takes no time! Plus to that, there’s an emergency button, so you can lower the car even if there is no power.

Asymmetrical arms = stability
This unit comes with asymmetrical arms:

  • front: 620-880 mm
  • rear: 820-1260 mm

Want to see what it looks like? Check this

For passenger cars (but not only!)
This lift has a capacity of 4 tons, so it would be a great choice for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Why get this lift?
Thanks for the reinforcing base, the floor requirements are lower: 20 cm thick concrete would suffice. 

Lift with reinforcing frame - differences
The lift with the reinforcing frame is a bit wider than the standard one. The frame makes it wider by 160 mm - 80 mm per side. Keep in mind the frame has a special support part. It is 120 cm wide.

Don’t know how to prepare the base? Contact us - we will provide technical support to you.

Universal lift
The lift’s arms fold to the outside, so that you can easily drive over there even with long cars. To put it simply - more space, more cars that could be taken care of on the lift!

Perfect safety
A system of safety pawls gets activated automatically, while lifting the car. It guarantees perfect use safety. Also, there are rubber elements that protect the car’s doors while opening when the car is uplifted. 

Easy operation
Look at the panel: there are only three buttons, one for lifting, another for decrease and another for pushing the car to the lowest position. Using this lift is extremely easy. 

Good for years to come
The lift is composed of top-notch components (durable chain and other elements), so that you can rest assured you would be able to use it trouble-free for years. Also, you will find all spare parts to this lift in our offer!


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