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Parts washers

Parts washers

Working at a car workshop is a never ending struggle with dirt. It won’t be a problem anymore. Simply put your parts and tools to the washer!

REDATS parts washers:
  • clean your tools like a pro
  • are perfectly efficient (up to 12 l/min)
  • comprehensive model range (from 13 to 150 L)
  • ease of use

This is an essential device for any tyre bay or car workshop. The pump literally pumps up the water from the bottom (closed circuit). Then, a flexible hose puts it under pressure. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with grease or oil sludge. The pump can also deal with any debris that resides there.

Hassle-free operation for years

This is a long-term investment. Made of top quality materials, these washers are perfectly resistant to any mechanical damage, as well as cleaning solutions.

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