We got everything that a fully decked-out tyre service might want to have! From tyre consumables, through tyre changers, wheel balancers and pneumatic accessories. We also have tools for car repair specialists. We support specialists using REDATS equipment with knowledge on how to run a car/tyre service. And our resellers can count on our expertise on online sales development, as well as marketing.

Smaller car jacks - are they useful? You may think - do I really need a small car lift like that one? Well, there are things you may need it for. For instance, when you got to do a quick tyre/rim job. And don't want to take up space on your main lift. What car jack is best for you? Browse our range of car jacks - we got ones that raise 2, 2.5 and 3 tons. Basically, these are tools that would prove useful at any car repair garage, for smaller jobs. For things you don't want to waste space on your main lift, for example.


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